Tubidy – The Biggest Music Video Downloader

Tubidy - Download and listen songs

Tubidy, the biggest music video downloading site. Tubidy is a platform that allows you to listen and download not only millions of audio/video songs but funny videos and WhatsApp status clips as well? Keep reading to know about  

Tubidy – The Biggest Music Video Downloader 

I remember, when I was a kid, I used to download songs from Tubidy. Its been more than a decade, and still, it is the best music video downloader. 

Tubidy is the house of millions of songs, and entertainment clips. Its vast library contains plenty of audio/video songs, entertainment videos, and WhatsApp status clips. 

Just visit Tubidy.io, and you’ll be able to search, listen/watch, and download your favorite music videos. 

Ain’t you pleased to know that whether its a classic song or the latest one, on it, you’ll find every music video? 

Well, in the contemporary time, where everyone likes to listen to music, there they also like to put trending videos as their WhatsApp or Facebook stories. Well, it is merely about the trend as people like to upload a story as per their emotional state. Now, it is not difficult to find a music video that perfectly manifests your emotions as its the wake of It. From love songs to sad, and wild music videos, Tubidy is incorporated with everything you desire to listen or watch. 

On the other hand, there are a number of entertainment videos available on Tubidy. Just grab a hold on the funniest video, and let it make your day. If you are feeling bored and wanna cheer yourself up then it is a real treat for you. Just visit Tubidy.io and let yourself take advantage of millions of entertainment videos. Moreover, can download the videos and place them as your social media status/story to entertain your friends as well. 

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Tubidy Menu

The menu bar of this biggest music video downloader consists of:

  • Search Bar

Using the search bar you can look for your favorite, and desires music videos. Just place the name of your favorite song or type of music video you like, and it will find it within a few seconds. 

  • My Account Playlist 

My Account Playlist allows registered users to create their own playlist. Once you register your account and then create a playlist, you’ll be able to access it from any device.

  • My Upload

My Upload features allow the users to upload their music videos. Yes, Tubidy also offers you to upload audio/video clips as per your own choice. 

  • Top Video

Top Video feature has been added to the website to help you grab a hold on the latest music videos. This is one of the best features of it as it makes it easy for you to get in touch with trending music. 

  • My Stats

My Stats feature allows the users to grab a hold on their account information. If you want to know about your recent activities and login details then just click on My Stats. 

  • Recently Viewed

The Recently Viewed feature allows the users to have a quick review of all of the music videos you have watched or downloaded from Tubidy. 

For the record, as people from all over the world use it, it comes up with a language changing feature. Users from different parts of the world can simply switch the website to their desired language. 

Tubidy Categories

As we have mentioned in the above section, Tubidy comes up with a diverse range of music videos, its users can listen/watch, and download all kinds of audio/songs along with plenty of entertainment clips and social media status story videos.

Mobile App

Now, the users can simply download the Tubidy App. Yes, you can download its application on your smartphones and make it easier for you to listen and download your favorite songs. Anyhow, to be able to use the application, firstly, you are required to register an account on the website. Once you get registered, you’ll be able to use all of the remarkable features of Tubidy both on the desktop, and your smartphones via its app. 

Is Tubidy.io Legal?

Well, this legal-illegal thing about Tubidy is still under discussion. Neither we can claim that it is illegal nor we can say it is legal.We can say that Tubidy is a music video downloading platform just like youtube or vidmate. 

Is it Safe?

Yes. Tubidy is safe and secure. It intends to cause no harm to your system. 

You can surely log in to Tubidy and enjoy listening, and watching your favorite music videos. 


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